Lady Characters

Thomas Sebastian Scott. Retired intelligence agent living near Berkeley Springs, specializing in cyber-security. Known to friends as Scott, but born Franklin Lambert.

Jorge Luis Rodriguez. NYPD Detective Specialist, highly professional and ambitious, disturbed by his troubled home life.

Sharmien. Pakistani nurse who cared for Thomas Scott (known then as Franklin Lambert) in a Pakistani hospital after his vehicle rolled down a ravine.

Felicity Phillips. Stunning redhead, talented artist, secretive about her past and her life in Berkeley Springs.

Rachel Sullivan. Young intelligence analyst recruited by the NSA from CalTech for her advanced degree in Computation and Neural Systems.

Father Sean McManus. Beloved priest known for his humor and appetite, close friend of Thomas Scott who in his youth was a fellow seminarian.

The Honorable Spencer Cobb. Semi-retired defense attorney residing in Berkeley Springs, known for never losing a case and never passing up a drink.

Terry Hightower. No-nonsense Deputy Sheriff of Morgan County whose shrewd insights are often masked by his booming voice and affected country manner.

Ray. Retired schoolteacher who enjoys his mornings at the Blue White Grill in Martinsburg swapping stories with his lifelong friend Roy.

Roy. Grade school buddy of Ray, who spent time in prison for burglary, often mistaken for Ray.

Vladimir Petrov. Troubled computer genius born to first-generation Russian émigrés, closely monitored by Federal authorities.

Jack Klosowski. Chief of the NYPD Investigative Forensics Lab, Jorge’s boss and close friend of Thomas Scott. Known to friends as “The Ripper.”

Elisabetta. Former wife of Thomas Scott, now running a New York art gallery with her live-in partner Monica.

Mark Turing. Head of the Cyber-Security Directorate at Fort Meade, long-time admirer of Scott’s tradecraft.

Ismael Karimi. Iranian diplomat who is favorably known to the American intelligence community.

Rahim Saki. First Secretary of the Iranian Embassy in Rome, known for his computer skills and interest in history.

Alexander Hoople. NSA analyst and expert briefer.

Brendan Brannagh. Recent Syracuse graduate on a holiday in Italy.

Signora Sophia Scicolone. Manages a safe house in Rome for visiting American agents.

Maurice Crook. Head of Cyber-Security at AmeriBank

Marjorie Middleton. Maiden name of estranged wife of Jorge Luis Rodriguez

Killer. Nickname of babysitter hired by the Russian Mafia.

Dark Zero. Cyber-punk from Brighton Beach, friend of Cloud Rider.

Cloud Rider. Also known as Z, short for Zaytsev, stepson of Maurice Crook.

Dick Rizzoli. Savvy FBI Detective who befriends Jorge Luis Rodriguez.