T.S.Scott ~ Spy-Mystery series

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The elegant and reclusive Felicity Phillips arrives at the Ice House Gallery to find a macabre sculpture whose scarred face and parched white skin fill her with dread. Visitors are captivated by the realistic appearance of the figure—until the coroner declares it a corpse. A criminal investigation reveals the body cavity contains an electronic device to assist Iranian uranium enrichment. Thomas Sebastian Scott, a computer specialist retired in West Virginia from a secret government agency, is drawn back to service.

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Veteran cyber security specialist Thomas Sebastian Scott loses his NSA security clearance after unwittingly disclosing his former identity to the Pakistani woman who saved his life. While advising NYPD Detective Rodriguez regarding a bank heist, Scott is recalled to service to investigate a rogue faction in the Iranian embassy in Rome. Assisted by a young intelligence analyst, Rachel Sullivan, he travels to Italy where a key informant is murdered and a deadly threat against world leaders is discovered.